Thursday, April 01, 2010

Interview with Dan Pink about his book Drive and the educational implications

For a year or so, I have been using the Delicious social bookmarking service to create my own "custom podcast" of recordings I want to listen to. Basically, I have a Delicious tag dedicated to this, and I download my custom podcast in iTunes by subscribing to the RSS feed of the tag. (If anyone would like less technical directions on how do this, let me know.)

This Delicious list was my alternative to subscribing to the entire set of episodes for each show/series, which I used to do, because I found that I never end up listening to more than a small portion of what I downloaded. Therefore, I used this custom podcast via Delicious to pick out only selected episodes that grabbed my interest at the time.

(Update, 1/30/2012: Unfortunately, Delicious no longer seems to support including enclosures such as mp3 files in the RSS feed it generates. Therefore, the method I mentioned above to create your own podcast feed using Delicious no longer works. If someone know a similar alternative, please let me know!)

As an experimental next step, I've decided to start publishing my custom podcast list through this blog instead so I can more easily link back to the original source and, at times, elaborate on the subject of the recordings or link to related information.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

I'm starting with this recorded interview of Dan Pink discussing his new book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

Dan was interviewed by Steve Hargadon on February 17, 2010 as part of his Future of Education series of interviews. More information about the interview from Steve is available on his blog.

This MP3 has been published by Steve Hargadon and/or Elluminate so they retain the rights to the recording, which appears to be All Rights Reserved due to a lack of any indication otherwise. I make no claim to the rights to use this file, am only linking to it, and will take down the link if asked to do so by the owner of the recording.
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